Wednesday, December 7, 2011

About This Site

Kagyu Changchub Chuling, a Vajrayana Buddhist center in Portland, Oregon, is currently undergoing a long-term strategic planning process, the first in its history.  This is mainly a tool for the members of the community to share information and engage the discussion as the plan begins to take shape.

The planning process is taking place under the auspices of an ad hoc committee the KCC Board of Directors created in October, 2011.  Called the Strategic Planning Committee, it meets every other week to discuss the issues of the strategic plan.  The committee has created this blog with the hope that members will use it to understand the complex, interlocking issues they're discussing.  The process of strategic planning won't be fully successful unless the voices of the sangha are heard along the way.  Jeff Alworth is the principle blogger, but other may contribute over the course of the process.

Anyone is welcome to attend meetings or inquire about what's happening; the committee will hold regular meetings to elicit feedback and inform the sangha of its progress.  You're invited to discuss the process with any member of the committee: Jeff Alworth, Kathleen Benz, Michael Conklin, Dora DeCoursey, Galen Doucette, Anthony Kimple, Bonnie McLean, Bill Spangle, and Peter Wood.

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